Fantastic Opportunity

G and G Marketing and ISM have teamed up to bring you a fantastic opportunity.

We are selling a payday loans website. its fully functioning with a payment calculator and everything you would expect from a fully bespoke professional website of this calibre.

The website is for sale due a client no longer needing it, all the work has been done. The only thing that is missing is the link to Experian for the credit rating system. We have all the contacts for Experian and have been informed of roughly a 5-10 day turn around for that side going live. This is included in the price.

As well as that we can provide any help and manage campaigns for the marketing side of things so whether is Google adwords, SEO or social media we have the answer to get you the clients you require for this venture to work.

If you are interested please see the link below

The design for the site can be changed in a matter of days through our specialist graphic design team.

Please contact ken either by phone or the contact us page, to discuss pricing and turnaround.


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