The i-sm acts as a central hub for all your social media interactions with current or potential clients. Everyone from multi-national companies to SME’s use social media as a way to promote themselves and the services they offer. This is a very clear and concise way of differentiating your self from the competition either on a localised or national basis.

1000’s of people UK wide use social networks to communicate with friends and family, however business are seeing the untapped potential of using such social networks like Facebook and Twitter to tap into a mass potential market of people whowant or need your particular type of service. This is why companies use products like ours to help promote and propel them in front of that client base and make people aware of what you do. We act as the catalyst for driving more business your way and increasing your client base.

The I-sm is the simplest and most time efficient ways of communicating on mass with current or potential clients at the touch of a button. Once the central hub has been updated it will then proceed to populate the various social networks that you have links to and will be visible to the people who are following you. The people who are following you will then see what you are offering whether it’s a promotion or information you may feel may benefit your followers.

The panel also allows you to collate data for marketing purposes, by seeing who is following your company you can see who your target demographic is and as such target your products and services accordingly. Using social media creates at least 20% more traffic to your website and is found to increase enquiries.


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